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Anything {100 words}


Musty odors assaulted her nose as she picked over piles of broken machinery and half-filled crates. A startled squeak of terror made her giggle.

“Another spider, Ellie?” Seraphina glanced over her shoulder. Her sister Eloise glared back.

“Don’t make fun, Feena or I’ll let you go on alone.”

Seraphina rolled her eyes. “Go then. I don’t need you.” She slipped past the remaining crates and peered through the ornate grillwork of the lift. Tugging the metal, she was rewarded with a screech as they slid open.

“Feena! What if it falls?”

Ignoring the tremors in her stomach, Seraphina stepped in.

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


I’m having some fun with Seraphina, the resident of Rachel’s magic mirror. Perhaps before she was a wise cracking fairy godmother (or whatever she is) she was an adventurous young girl.

For Leroy’s 100 Word Song (Hedley’s Anything – my choice FYI), Friday Fictioneers, and Velvet Verbosity’s Illness

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Author: Carrie

Married 30-something with 2 girls. Living in a house under constant renovation. Trying to reignite my creative writing flame :)

19 thoughts on “Anything {100 words}

  1. Gripping story! My stomach dropped as soon as Seraphina stepped in! Amazing post!

  2. Good job and suspenseful! Don’t go near the elevator – it’s a trap. Good story! Nan :)

  3. You amped up the suspense with simple descriptive sentences and strong character reactions. Thank you for the song. I’m so glad to have you back writing for 100 word song.

  4. Good story with a lot of suspense. I agree with some of the others. I wouldn’t get in that elevator either. Well done.

  5. Brave Feena. Scared but doing it.

  6. Carrie, this is scary in a more real sense…which makes it scarier. Nice to see you!


  7. nooo….. i don’t think it’s a good idea for her to ignore the tremors in her stomach… great cliffhanger. i hope it doesn’t fall… love the name Seraphina, by the way :)

  8. Very descriptive, felt like being there in that derelict building.

  9. Dear Carrie,

    I’ve seen that elevator in person. No way would I step into it. Good story.



  10. I’m thinking this might not be a good idea… nicely done.

  11. “What if it falls?” I like how you didn’t tell us how the story ends :-)

  12. You built the tension up to such heights I was reading on and forgetting to breathe. Love all the details that put me right into the scene. Vivid story, Carrie.

  13. All the more reason to not like elevators. *shudder*

  14. Don’t do it, Feena! That elevator has killed a lot of people! I suspect Feena is being a little too confident.

  15. What is with you and the cliffhangers, Carrie…???

  16. I like the back story, can’t wait to find out what changed and put Seraphina inside that mirror.

    The relationship between sisters was well written. The teasing, the competitive nature were fun additions.

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