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Choices {Master Class}


**It’s been a while since I participated in Master Class. I hope to be able to link up more often**

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“I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.”

This admission made Rachel pause. Could Seraphina have ever been ordinary? It didn’t seem possible.


Seraphina sighed and began idly plucking her skirt. Nervous twitches such as this seemed to be occurring frequently. As time went on and Seraphina let more and more slip about her life before the mirror she also let down her guard, became more vulnerable almost.

“I was the second daughter in an upper middle class family. We weren’t rich by the day’s standards but we were comfortable and could afford some luxuries. My older sister married well and happily assisted the rest of the family with monetary difficulties. Her husband loved my sister to distraction and met any request she made.” A faint smile crossed Seraphina’s lips. “That boded well for me. I dreamed of becoming educated and earning my own living. My parents were horrified. They wanted to see me marry and have children.”

Seraphina paused, staring off into space. Rachel realized this story might take some time and made herself comfortable. She glanced at the clock and grimaced. There wasn’t much time before Nathan showed up for their date.

“I don’t want to rush you, but I do have a date tonight,” Rachel said. Seraphina jumped, her focus back in the present.

“Of course. My sister provided me the money to go to school. In defiance of my parents I also found a job as a nanny to help supplement the costs. It was quite revolutionary when you think about it: a woman, working and going to school.”

“What’s so amazing about that? I know lots of people who’ve done it.”

“Rachel, today it’s common. In my time, not so much. How much history did you get in school?”

Rachel peered into the mirror, scrutinizing Seraphina closely. “Geez, how old are you?”

In response, Seraphina threw up her hands. “Forget it. Anyway, as I was saying, I always believed I would have a boring life, doing what was expected of me. I would marry a good man, have children, live in a comfortable home. But one small event changed the course of my life. I could now choose my path, thanks to the generosity of my sister and her husband. “

Rachel considered this.  She was choosing her own path but she never believed otherwise. Her parents didn’t expect her to be anything particular. They just wanted her to be happy.

“I guess I’m lucky. I’ve always been able to make my own choices.”

Seraphina nodded. “Never forget that choice is more valuable that money. If gives you the freedom to direct your own path.”

“Do you get to choose who you help? In the mirror, I mean.”

“Not really. I can’t refuse a wish. I suspect people have been directed to me over the years as challenges.” Seraphina’s cheeks reddened. “I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with at first.”

“How does it all work? How do you decide how to meet the wish?”

“Well…” Seraphina’s discomfort was obvious.

“Please? I won’t say anything.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about.” She began pacing the confines of her reflective world as Rachel watched. Finally she stopped and took a deep breath. “Okay, this is what hap-“

The ring of the doorbell echoed down the hall. Rachel grimaced. Dammit.

A soft laugh filled the room. “Saved by the bell. Good night Rachel.”


Author: Carrie

Married 30-something with 2 girls. Living in a house under constant renovation. Trying to reignite my creative writing flame :)

10 thoughts on “Choices {Master Class}

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  3. I like the idea having choices is more important than having money – when you really get down to the nitty gritty, it’s a true statement. Hard to remember sometimes, but true nonetheless.

  4. I too enjoyed this peek into Seraphina’s history. I’m glad you are delving into it. She wasn’t always a genie in a mirror, right? Thanks for joining in. I’m so happy to see you writing more frequently. You have no idea how much I have missed you.

  5. MORE THAN 100 WORDS!! (Who-Hoo!)
    I am always enthralled by this story and these characters, Seraphina is one of my favorite and your write her so well, capturing the air of mystery about it while still infusing her with a prickly godmother quality I love.

    it flowed really well and the line from Master Class was perfect as a starting point.

  6. Just when a mystery is being revealed… I like learning more about Seraphina.

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