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Trifextra: Why


All I want is to hold something I have crafted in my hands, printed for the masses to love.

Plus, Seraphina’s scary. I fear for my safety if Rachel’s tale isn’t done  ;)


For this weekend’s challenge, in honor of all of the writers throwing rationality (and perhaps sanity) to the wind and writing til their fingers bleed, we’re asking for exactly 33 words about why we write.

My intentions are to finish Rachel’s story…however I haven’t gotten to much of a start. A day and a half into the month and I’ve got a big fat 0 in my word count. I don’t think I’ll have 50,000 new by the end, I’m using this month more as a way to focus on one story instead of letting my inspirations go wild with prompts :)

Author: Carrie

Married 30-something with 2 girls. Living in a house under constant renovation. Trying to reignite my creative writing flame :)

17 thoughts on “Trifextra: Why

  1. I think the ‘Queen of the Prompts’ should take a little break and join the Friday Fictioneers. I might be able to get her in… :)

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  3. YES! Write. I understand that longing to see your name on the spine of a book SO well.

  4. Ha! I love Seraphina. She’s sassy and smart. I can’t wait til Rachel’s finished. I’ve really missed her!

  5. Holy crap! 33 words of Rachel…sort of.

    Good to know what’s wearing on Carrie’s writing brain. good post.

  6. A beautiful and honest answer!

  7. They have a hold over you. There is some sort of hold over all of us, isn’t there?

  8. Oh, I love this – So well-said. This is exactly why I can’t drop my “nowhere novel”

  9. Good luck and happy writing!

  10. If Seraphina’s going to push you to finish the story, I approve wholeheartedly of her scariness.

  11. hahaha Good to know I’m not the only one afraid of original characters! :D

  12. I love that feeling of hurting to get back to write or in your case fear ;-)

  13. yes something to hold and show to others – expressing your craft

  14. Nice goal! I bet you’ll get there (even if fear is the driver :))

  15. This made me smile. I love that your are so involved with your characters. Seraphina is a little scary.

  16. I totally understand both of those impulses. There’s something reassuringly solid and validating about holding your work in your hands.

  17. Amen sister!
    I want to read the end of Rachel’s story…or all in one place, and in my hands.

    I love your words Carrie, feel so lucky to be able to read them. :)

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