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Voice Week – Day 5 {I like you}

And here we are – Day 5! Did you enjoy seeing the variety of voices? I hope it was entertaining. Thanks for popping in and be sure to visit Voice Week Headquarters to read all the other fabulous entries this week! If you missed any of mine you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4


“I do most ardently admire you.”

But of course he does. They all did. That’s what being sole heir to a large fortune did for a plain woman. Alexandra inspected her fan. Perhaps he would take the hint and dance his attentions on another. She wished she could just swat him on the nose, like she did to her dog. Her dog had proved eminently more intelligent than most of the Ton.

This was all such a waste. She’d never marry. Why would she give up control over her person? For love?

Love was for fools.


As an added bonus, I’m double dipping and linking up to Velvet Verbosity’s 100 word challenge: Inspect

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Voice Week 2014 – Day 4 {I like you}

Already Day 4, where has the time gone? I hope you have been enjoying the various incarnations of voice this week. If you haven’t yet, remember to see what other people created over at Voice Week Headquarters. And if you missed anything I already shared this week you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3


“I like you.”

Alexa wasn’t sure if she’d heard right. “You…you like me?”

Simon gave a one shoulder shrug as he brushed a lock of hair away from her eyes. “Don’t sound so surprised.”

What did she do now? Did she say she liked him too? She’d get to go to prom! Her mother would be so excited. Oh my god, what would her dad say? He’d bring out the shot gun for sure. But she’d get to go shopping! She loved shopping. And parties, especially parties! Oh my god, what would she wear?


Those smooth, dulcet tones brought her back to reality. She grinned.



Voice Week 2014 – Day 3 {I like you}

Day 3! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Be sure to pop into Voice Week Headquarters and to read my previous submissions: Day 1 & Day 2


“I like you,” the boy said. A sloppy wet kiss followed.

Lexie stared at him, her mouth gaping open. A flush of pleasure warmed her cheeks and a giggle tried to burst out. The sounds of the playground stilled as other children noticed what just happened.

She swallowed the sudden lump in her throat. Her life would be ruined if she didn’t make the right move. Lashing out, Lexie shoved the boy backwards.

“Ewww! Don’t touch me!” She got into his face. “Boys are gross!”

Leaving the stunned boy on the ground, Lexie marched off.



Voice Week 2014 – Day 2 {I like you}

It’s day 2 of Voice Week. Be sure to check out Voice Week Headquarters to see all the great writing produced for this challenge! If you missed my first day, you can click here.


“You like me, admit it.”

Lex glanced around, checking if anyone was listening. He hid his face in his locker. “I can’t do this now.”

“Well, you have to. I’m not waiting for you any longer. I’m not going to keep pretending this isn’t happening.”

A hand gripped Lex on the shoulder and pulled him back from the safety of his metal box. Shaking it off, Lex met his tormentor’s gaze. Those blue eyes, so clear he thought he might drown in them, were clouded with sadness. His gut clenched in fear.

“Tell me, Lex.”

Lex sucked in a deep breath. Gripping David’s shoulders he smiled. “I like you too.”



Voice Week 2014 – Day 1 {I like you}

Welcome to Voice Week :) This is an event I’ve participated in for a few years because it’s a great way to focus on the little things that strengthen your writing. This year I’m working with the overall theme of “I like you” and how that phrase plays out.

I hope you’ll come back each day this week and see what voice I’m playing with. Comment and suggestions are always appreciated! And if you want to read more participants, check out the Voice Week Headquarters


“I like yer spunk, lil’ lady.”

Sandra spun on her heel, fingers closing into a fist. She’d taken on one drunken hand, she could take another. The man tipped his weather beaten Stetson and gestured to the seat beside him. She hesitated a moment then slid onto the stool. He signaled to the bartender and a shot of whiskey slid down the counter. Sandra tossed it back without thinking.

A low whistle escaped the man’s lips. “I been lookin’ for a woman who can hold her own.”

“You found her. How ‘bout another drink?”



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